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Midwest Occupational Health Management Services, Inc.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

MOHMS Inc., provides professional drug and alcohol testing to many businesses (large and small), families, court systems.  We are a provider of drug and alcohol testing services and offer on-site testing and mobile testing in addition to collections within our local community.  

Who needs test for Drug and Alcohol?

DOT-Compliant Organizations

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has strict regulations and requires special treatment for drug and alcohol testing for workers considered to be operating dangerous and "safety-sensitive" jobs.   You need a trusted partner who understands the DOT regulations.


MOHMS can be you workplace's drug and alcohol testing partner.  Pre-Employment services to training, we can assist you with any needs related to workers, training, and substance abuse testing.

Schools and Sports

Teen drug use is alway on the rise.  MOHMS has the tools needed to test teens for drugs and more importantly knows what to test for when drug use is suspected.

Social and Family Groups

Government run systems may request drug and alcohol testing from time to time.  MOHMS know is familiar with the chain of custody procedures for all collections so that any test collected may be used in court. 

DNA Testing

If you need reliable, confidential, trustworthy local DNA testing services, MOHMS Inc., provides everything you need.  We will take care of your DNA testing needs, regardless of the situation.