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The DOT Random Consortium Pool consists of driver(s) who operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle, as defined in CFR 382.107; a) drives a vehicle that weighs 26,001 lbs or more, b) drives a vehicle designed to transport 16 or more passengers, or; c) drives a vehicle of any size which is used in the transportation of Hazardous Materials and requires placards.  

Random Selection Method

When choosing participants for a random test, the computer uses a basic and complete method to ensure unbiased selections.  It is a double-blind selection method-one in which neither the administrators nor the participants can predict or affect the outcome.  Sometimes participants challenge a particular random selection or even the entire process.  This drug testing compliance software utilizes an exclusive system called RandSel™ Tracking that records actions that could affect the outcome of any random selection.  The RandSel™ Tracking system has proven itself in every challenge to date.  

Selection Rates

Consortium random selections take place at Midwest Occupational health Management Services, Inc. (MOHMS), on a quarterly basis (4 times a year), within the Department of Transportation Federal Regulation rates of 50% for controlled substances and 10% for alcohol throughout the calendar year.  Each participating member has an equal chance of being selected 1-4 times per year, or might never be selected.

Updating the Pool

Each quarter (prior to selection), Consortium members (company) will receive via fax, a list of their eligible employees which are enrolled in the random pool.  The list of names must be verified and signed, noting that this list is correct and/or noting corrections, additions or deletions.  If the list is not received within 5 days from submission date, MOHMS will assume that no changes are to be made, and will proceed with the selections process.  Updates must be sent either via fax or e-mail.  No new additions will be made to the consortium pool unless the driver has a post-offer or baseline negative results of file.  

Employee Notification

After each random selection, the Designated Employer Representative (DER) will be notified by mail with individual sealed notification form for each selected employee.  Notification forms must be given out to the employees only on the day that he/she is to be tested.  In the event that the DER is selected, he/she must report immediately for testing once the notification form is received.  Employees selected for Alcohol testing must report for testing right before, during, or right after performing safety sensitive functions.  All employees selected must comply with testing within the designated selection period.  


Individuals selected for testing are to report to the previously assigned medical facilities for testing; only per-assinged medical facility are guaranteed to have the certified personnel and equipment to perform testing as per DOT guidelines.  Based on the number of participants selected, the employer may choose to perform on-site collections; this service must be arranged with the employers' medical facility of choice, and may not be available in all areas.  


all results to include negative, positive, and adulterated specimens are reported directly from the laboratory to the certified Medical Review Officer (MRO).  Upon completion of review, the MRO releases the final result to the company DER; via the company and MRO mutually agreed method of communication (i.e.verbal, email, fax, etc.).  From the time the sample is received at the laboratory, negative results are usually reported within 24-48 hours, and positive results may take up to 72 hours.  

Record Keeping

Documentation pertaining to the drug and alcohol-testing program is maintained, in a secure location with controlled access, according to DOT guidelines.  Negative results are stored for 1 year, and positive findings are stored for 5 years. 

Statistical Reports

​Statistical reports are routinely provided to each consortium member on a quarterly basis and at the end of each calendar year. 

Consortium Pool Size

Average pool size in 2013, 882 drivers

Services Includes;

  • Computerized Selections
  • Member list updated prior to each selection
  • Pool certification letter with each selection
  • Individual employee notification forms
  • Monitoring of DOT all types (to include Pre-employment, Random, Post-Acc, RS, RTD & F/U)
  • Statistical & MIS reports

* Management fee is a one-time per calendar year fee.  No refunds for early pool withdrawals; the fee applies to individuals who participate in the pool for at least one selection period.  Management fee does not include "testing" or " collection" services, those fees are separate and payable to the facility performing the actual collection/testing.  

Contact MOHOM if you are interested in participating in a Consortium Pool.

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DOT Random consortium program